Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I'm thinking about unique {and handmade, of course} thank you gifts to get your lovely bridesmaids. They range from things they can wear/carry at your wedding, to personalized gifts made just for them, to practical gifts they can use in their busy lives. Let's start with the personalized gifts because they are from Armato Design & Press {hey, it's my blog after all}.

Above are mini calling cards {and here is another design, with many more very soon to come}, letterpress printed on 100% cotton paper with name and contact information for that busy bridesmaid who is always meeting people. Choose the font and color that best represents your 'maid's personality.

And a great gift for the girl who wants to keep in touch with the people she meets is my personalized stationery. Letterpress printed with her name and a sweet little design. There are a couple different options {look here and here as well}.

Next are a couple of gifts that can be worn on your big day and after for her big and not so big days.

Limited edition clutch from Fiazco because who doesn't want a sweet clutch like this? But how often do we really buy it for ourselves? So buy it for her.

This necklace is perfect for a more casual wedding and so wearable for any day of the week. Little wood flower necklace by Yuki.

The next two are little gifts that are very practical but are also so unique that your girls are sure to think of you every time they use them.

On the face of it this may not look like the most practical gift ever but, who among us hasn't popped an apple in our tote while rushing out the door one late morning, only to find a bruised and mangled apple at lunch time? They may not realize it now, but your girls will consider this a must have. An added bonus: it's funny and just makes a person smile. Find the Wrapple Cozy Apple Fruit Sweater Jacket at Beautiful Bridget's Etsy shop.

I hate to think of how many trees have been sacrificed just to protect our hands from a hot cup of coffee. But since we are not giving up our morning caffeine, this is a perfect alternative to the ubiquitous and wasteful paper coffee sleeve. Cute and unique, just like your girls. Find it here from Laura Bucci.

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