Monday, June 8, 2009


There are so many artists out there pushing the envelope, if you will, on style and authenticity with their unique calligraphy. One usually just thinks of using calligraphy for envelopes and return addresses, but how about using one of these artists for the design of an invitation itself and then using it right through on the envelopes, the escort cards, food labels, thank you cards, basically on all of the wedding stationery. I can see any of these letter forms letterpress printed on gorgeous cotton paper. In it's simplicity this would be an extravagant invitation and wedding suite.

Above: Modern and whimsical letters from Betsy Dunlap.

PERFECT flourishes. Calligraphy by Iowa 86.

Easy, simple and casual. Letter Girl also sells customized rubber stamps.

More lovely flourishes from Love Jenna.

Finally, vintage charm from Maybelle.

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