Friday, December 17, 2010


I was given a wonderful opportunity to design the programs for the first ever "Not So Real" Wedding at this fall's Independent Wedding Association Something New Wedding Fair. I have to say, this is the most design fun I've had in a while and I usually have lots o' design fun. The theme of the wedding was circus chic so I decided to go all out with letterpress printing, garish circus-y colors and a mix of modern and vintage fonts. I love this piece. LOVE IT. Go here to see a recap of the fair and stay tuned both here and at the IWA website for more information on the fair this February 5th, 2011. The photos above were taken by Sarah McGee and Studio Laguna check out the photos below of the piece as we printed it.

The first color. Printed on 100% cotton paper.

Detail of the two colors together. Check out that overprint. GORGEOUS!

The view from the rollers coming back down off of the ink plate. This is just after the paper was printed with the second color.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I had great fun designing the invitation for a recent press event for the Independent Wedding Association Fall Wedding Fair. The theme was "Circus Chic", the design was just plain fun; fun to research, fun to design and FUN to print. The finished product is above and below are images of the piece on press. The IWA is having another wedding show on February 5th, 2011. More information to follow. I can say however, that this one will be a treat not only for the eyes but will be very educational as well.

A close up of the strong man. I love this illustration sooooooo much.

The first color goes on the 100% cotton paper.

Finished invitation. Note the blue printing plate in the background. Each color gets it's own plate.

Another view of the finished invitation in the foreground and one just about to be printed with the blue printing plate.

That's right, envelope printing with a full bleed {where the image runs off the edge of the paper}. Because we're that good.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

IN THE KNOW // Tastefully Use Social Media at Your Wedding

I just found this blog post via the POSH Bridal Couture Facebook page. Pretty great advice. It made me wonder: is Chief Tweeter the newest part of the bridal party? and are they invited to the rehearsal dinner? Hmm, so many questions...

By the way, you may have noticed the newest feature I'm calling IN THE KNOW. I'll use this tag when I find or talk about etiquette or style and trend ideas or things a bride and her peeps should be in the know about. Clever, eh?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I love being able to place the face with the blogger {or the business, for that matter} and love people/businesses that do that for me. I, however, like a certain amount of anonymity {plus I hate getting my photo taken}. Despite that, it was high time to give others the opportunity to place my face with my name and see the person behind the design. Here I am. And to be honest I think it's both cute and cringe-worthy. Here is the equation:

concept = cute
that I actually had to have a head shot taken of myself = cringe-worthy

It was fun to create the shot: a piece of handmade paper behind me thinking about Armato Design & Press. That part made having to pose for it a little better...but only a little.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm back in the office more frequently now following a bit of a maternity leave. What a perfect logo to have to design postpartum, no? Heirloom Midwifery is the new business of Mandy Toavs. Mandy wanted something that referenced the age old craft that is midwifery, but also wanted her logo to look contemporary thereby alluding to her educated, trustworthy and modern practice. I think this does the job quite well. It sets her apart from her competition {most of whom have some variation of a pregnant woman's silhouette and bad typography, which is another post altogether} while still illustrating how she wants her business portrayed. Why the pear, you ask? The uterus is often referred to as pear shaped. I love logos that have a distinct meaning but don't slap you right in the face with said meaning. Congratulations on your new business Mandy!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Who knew there would ever be a call for a graphic design archeologist? And yet here is a great find for said archeologist. These mid-century posters were unearthed at a Notting Hill gate tube station during recent renovations.

Go to Grain Edit to see the entire post as well as the Flickr page.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I can't even tell you what an honor it is {for a Minnesota girl, anyway} to have cards in Patina and Shoppe Local stores {if you're not a Minnesota girl you can shop online at Patina}! I have shopped at Patina for years and years and am never disappointed in the quirky, quality products they offer. This is seriously the place to go for that person who has everything...or nothing. But honestly for me the greatest thing Patina has to offer {after the merchandise} is the creative styling of their stores. I have often gone there just to be inspired.

Thanks Patina. Here's to a long and fruitful relationship {she types with her fingers crossed}.