Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm back in the office more frequently now following a bit of a maternity leave. What a perfect logo to have to design postpartum, no? Heirloom Midwifery is the new business of Mandy Toavs. Mandy wanted something that referenced the age old craft that is midwifery, but also wanted her logo to look contemporary thereby alluding to her educated, trustworthy and modern practice. I think this does the job quite well. It sets her apart from her competition {most of whom have some variation of a pregnant woman's silhouette and bad typography, which is another post altogether} while still illustrating how she wants her business portrayed. Why the pear, you ask? The uterus is often referred to as pear shaped. I love logos that have a distinct meaning but don't slap you right in the face with said meaning. Congratulations on your new business Mandy!