Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am thrilled to be a monthly contributor to Clover and Bee blog, C & B Daily. Do you know Clover and Bee? If you don't and you live in the Midwest, you should. Their mission:

In love with good living and the local, Clover & Bee is dedicated to helping couples
design their Midwest weddings in the most style-conscious way.

Because, hey did you know that Midwesterners can be stylish too {sorry about the sarcasm}? Rebecca at Clover & Bee has put together a wonderful Best of Midwest Wedding Guide. This, with the blog, is practical and inspiring. The perfect helping hand for you and you upcoming wedding.

This month I put together a Holiday Paper Guide filled with cards and paper gifts. Here are the the three installations of the article. I'm really looking forward to talking paper and weddings in the months to come at Clover & Bee.

Paper Guide: Part I
Paper Guide: Part II