Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Envelope liners even further tie together a wedding stationery system and make an already pretty package even prettier. It used to be that they were the mark of a true stationery lover as they took a special attention to detail and a lot of extra time. You would have to get a template, cut them out, score them, insert them and then adhere them to the envelope. But now Paper Source is offering many of their patterned papers as pre-cut, pre-scored envelope liners which take the most time consuming part out of the "from scratch" versions. NICE. And not too expensive. All the patterns below sell for $13.25 per 25 pack. These are cut to suit Paper Source envelopes, which is fine with me as these are the Armato Design and Press "house" envelopes.

So, when I was researching envelope liners I found another web site that is of particular interest to me as a wedding stationery designer: Enveloper Inc. They too offer many different patterns for envelope liners {which just by looking at them, seem like they would fit the Paper Source envelopes as well},

but they go one step further and offer custom printing on the liners so that you can have a photo or a pattern that matches your particular wedding stationery. I'm not a great fan of the photo option but the ability to have a motif that exactly matches {or coordinates} with a custom design is AWESOME. The cost here is reasonable as well. They are 20.75 per 25 pack with a $25 set up fee and a $5 proof fee. Not bad for the stationery lover in all of us.

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