Friday, February 11, 2011


I just ran across this gorgeous and oh so inspirational wedding at Etsy. This is truly a handmade work of heart and it speaks to this entire week's Wedding-Phile posts of branding your wedding. This couple's brand is easy to spot: everything has a handmade touch from the brides dress to the centerpieces to the lovely food. They spent the majority of their wedding budget on photography. And why not? If I made everything for my wedding I'd want some beautiful proof of the wonderful day that was shared by all AND proof that everything was made by a loved one's {or my own} hand.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from the article:

"We came up with three essentials {for the wedding}: food, drink and shelter. Food and drink were easy enough. We decided that a giant tent was the best way to keep everyone warm and dry, in case of bad weather. We spent the majority of our budget on those three main points, giving us the opportunity to be creative with everything else."

"We wanted this day to be a true reflection of us as a couple. Time and time again we felt pressure to do things a certain way. In the end, the question we asked ourselves was, 'Are we doing this because we want to, or because we think we should?'"

What I like best about this wedding is that they focused on what was important to them and then played that up to the extreme. Not everyone can or wants to have this kind of wedding. Making everything can be challenging, stressful AND if not done well, can look amateurish. The point is this: find something that tells your story and make it the focus of everything you do for your wedding. From the stationery to the vows and the flowers to the favors, make your mark.

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