Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today I'm designing and designing new wedding invitations for ADP's customizable wedding invitations line called Wedding Papers. Part of my process is seeing what else is out there from the big names in weddings, but also the smaller names who may not have as loud a voice but still have lots to say. I guarantee that you're more likely to see true innovation from the small guys. Anyway, I've been very inspired by three e-magazines: Nonpareil, Utterly Engaged and Style Me Pretty's E-Glossy. The cover story on Nonpareil for this issue was designed by a few Independent Wedding Association members: Red Ribbon Studio, Just Bloomed, Cocoa & Fig and Paperista. Nice work girls.

As a quick side note: I'm loving Issuu, the publication tool used by all three of these magazines. As a print girl I love the ritual of sitting with a new publication, flipping through its pages and enjoying the spreads and stories in a designed layout. Blogs are great but you just don't get that same feeling of being told a story from them because you scroll, you don't get to flip. If we can't flip through the actual pages of a mag, at least Issuu is letting us flip through virtual ones. Of course now all I want to do is design a wedding magazine myself. But invitation design is pretty fun so I'll stick with it today. Happy Tuesday to all!

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