Friday, May 29, 2009


In an effort to "green-ify" our studio Armato Design & Press has gone paperless where possible. What this means for a letterpress studio that deals in paper is that receipts and invoices (well, anything) that can be sent electronically are sent via pdf in an email.

Other green efforts include:
  • Composting our un-inked paper scrap and recycle our inked scrap.
  • The energy used to run the press is wind power.
  • We encourage creative re-use of our cards. For example, the front of the card makes a great post card. Cut the back off and pop it in the mail. Do you have other ideas for creative re-use? Please comment below.
  • As much as possible we re-use packaging materials (though not at the expense of the safe shipping of your product).
  • All letterpress wedding stationery is printed on treeless, 100% cotton paper.

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